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A steel constructed Sculpture with Fire Effects

In progress and seeking additional funding to complete for exhibition at

Partially funded by APOGAEA Colorado's Regional Burn, and FreezerBurn, Texas.

About the Project

Phoenix Rising is a propane fueled fire sculpture made of steel, found objects, and repurposed 55gal steel drums. This magnificent bird stands 10 feet tall and contain a flamethrower to its mouth similar to that of fire-breathing Draka the Dragon. We will, as they say, be passing the torch from the dragon to the phoenix in good old mythological fashion. It will display the illusion of the mythical bird, which is a hybrid between a rooster and a peacock. A fire effects system is planned to be built and installed along its wings and tail this summer, so that visually it will be appear to bird about to take flight and literally on fire!


While the Phoenix is on exhibition, particpants will be to partake in the experience of feeling the rush of their own heartbeat through the fire of the Phoenix. A pulse sensor will be placed on one finger which will remotely trigger a signal to the sculpture’s flame effects system and cause the flames of the Phoenix to pulse in unison with the beat of the participant’s heart.

The Inspiration

Based on our need as humans to shed our skin, destroy what is old, and regenerate through the mythos of the Phoenix Rising from it’s own ashes to reemerge anew... Historically, “Feng Huang” are mythological birds of East Asia that reign over all other birds. The males are called Feng and the females Huang. In modern times, however, such a distinction of gender is often no longer made and they are blurred into a single feminine entity so that the bird can be paired with the Chinese dragon, which is deemed male.

Dedicated to...

Loved ones who perhaps passed "before their time" due to illness or suicide... And especially to those we've lost within the Burning Man Art & DPW Communities. Their lives had an impact on ours, we hope they are here in spirit with us as this Phoenix Rises... to be born anew.


Recent Progress

Luis Lisa Van comp
Luis Rojas and Vanessa Colon assisting Lisa with new Phoenix wing panels at 10bitworks Maker Space.

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